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Way of Salvation

Everyone is loved by God. God is always working in our lives. Before we are even aware of God’s presence, God is loving us, working in us, and trying to bring us to an awareness of God’s presence and our need for God’s love. God loves us so much that over 2000 years ago, God sent God’s son Jesus to let us see who God is and how God is.  God is love. God is loving. God is forgiving. God is self-sacrificing. Jesus showed that God is self-sacrificing when he died on the cross. But God's plan wasn’t complete and three days later, Jesus rose from the dead, thus conquering death itself, and promising to Jesus’ followers that they too could have life. When we believe that Jesus lived and died for us and we begin to follow him, we are saved.


Many Christians emphasize the need for salvation so people will spend eternity in heaven after we die. We call this eternal life. While this is true, we believe that eternal life begins, not when we die, but when we come to faith in Jesus Christ. Eternal life is a life filled with meaning here on earth. It is a life free from the bondage of fear and of sorrow, for we know that we are never alone and we know that we are loved.


Jesus Christ, who lived and died and rose again so that everyone may live, invites everyone into a relationship with him. All you have to do is believe. Simply pray, “Jesus I believe in you. I want you to be the Lord of my Life,” or you may feel the need to ask for forgiveness for something you have done. A prayer to God confessing what you have done is all you need. It really is that simple. The words don’t matter as much as what is in your heart. This is just the beginning. The life of faith is a life of obedience to God’s commands to love God and to love one another. We obey God by worshipping God and by serving others. It is not always easy, but it is worth our efforts, for through our obedience, we are transformed into the people we were created to be. The life of faith in Jesus Christ is the best possible life there is.


If you would like to accept Christ’s invitation or have questions about what it means to be a Christian, please speak to our pastor. He would love to talk to you about the wonderful life of faith.

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